Bri 2.0 . Interactive Audiovisual System
Bri 2.0 is based on a set of bris which act as a physical interface between the user and his environment. The bri is a thin bar with a bright head on the top; its name is due to its similarity to a blade of grass. It constitues the basic cell of the interactive system. This system is made up of 61 bris, placed as an hexagonal tiling, which constitues an autonomous, self-reference system, organized as a net, which allude to the concept of system exposed by N.Luhmann and based on living being organization. The interaction between the user and the system of bris creates a set of internal processes in the system which are expressed and transmited by means of light, sound and movement.
Location : Medialab-Prado. Madrid
Year : 2008.09
Team : aatl + Raul Diaz Poblete
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